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Angel Army – Contact at “Healing Outreach Center {net}” – Get in touch with Brother Dan and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to hearing from you!   I am a global ministry from my laptop. Located near Camden,  Cassatt, Bethune,  Lugoff,  Westville,  SC 29020 29032 29009 29078 43081 right in the Midlands of Kershaw County in South Carolina,  USA.

Our location looks like a street with lots of tall pine trees on each side everywhere you look because we are in a natural resources forest.  In our town we have a small post office, a one car dealership,  Country Store Gas Station,  Baptist Church and few fresh vegetable stands.  The big excitement is when the farmers drive there big equipment rigs in front of the house or the dogs corner a poisonous snake .  🙂

The dogs found a Chicken Snake or King Snake and it was dark brown with 1/2″ yellow bands down his body with diamond head,  making a frightening hissing noise.  Turns out that these snakes are not venomous and are immune to poison and actually eat venomous snakes and rodents.  The snake handler said the best course of action is just not to threaten the snake,  ie fight or flight.  Remove dogs or the threat and just let the snake take flight.  A lot of venomous snakes are protected by Endangered Species Act.  If you get bite you have to rush to the hospital immediately and they will give you a multiple antivenin shot.  Do not waste time looking for the snake or trying to treat yourself.