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5 Series on healing by Mike Miller

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1 – The Law of God – 8 weeks
2 – The Prophetic Perspective – 8 weeks
3 – The Healing Ministry of Jesus – 8 weeks
4 – Hope: The Anchor of our Souls – 10 weeks
5 – Prevailing Praise- 8 weeks

Here is a sample (mp3: 2-7) of one of Mike Miller’s teachings from this series.  Way back in 1980 i heard God’s audible voice in my belly,  that’s why i listen to Mike Miller.  I just recently found him after 40 years.  Back in 1980’s while the other ministries were selling their cassette tapes,  Mike Miller just mailed them ALL OUT FREE.  He mailed tons of cassette tapes to all my relatives,  including my wife’s relatives in South Korea.   i am a U.S. citizen and military veteran,  retired active duty of over 22.5 years. 

Mike Miller’s teaching  lessons are in mp3  format now & downloadable  follow the links below:

The above audio is a sample (mp3: 2-7) of one of Mike Miller’s teachings from this series.

(>>>CLICK HERE<<<)  5 part series – 42 Week Study Online 

Mike Miller is for real,  I have know him for years.  He is NOT about money,  He is compelled to share God’s Word because it is the passion that God put within him for The Glory Of God.

You have never heard it this way,  as presented by his special anointing,  you never heard the Gospel this Way,  It’s an eye opener,  eyes wide open.  Thank You Father God.  Praise God! Amen!

Mike Miller’s Website:  The Father’s House ~ Revealing Jesus (Click Here)



BTW:  SEED WAR – OUR TRUE IDENTITY  [Click Here works with this teaching]

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