Quinoa Pizza Wild Recipe


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Pizzeria World Famous Quinoa (Modern Manna) Wild Pizza Recipe

You  can get a lot of options so you can create different size and type pizzas,  just by being creative with this wild recipe here.  I created,  developed and quality tested this recipe over two year period.  Create impact with natural flow of efficiently run assembly lines using a timely progess method.  Many kitchens can do different tasks working together.  Invite the whole neighborhood for a SUPERBOWL BLOCK BUSTER PARTY watch the game and later kickback for some Netflix afterwards,  or bible study because people will not want to go home after Bucky Beaver turns your home into a regular pizza parlor sensation.

 Just Leave It To Beaver,  The Beaver“.

Makes 2×16″ or 4×12″
i am going to talk about 2×16″ size here:

That’s right, you can freeze this pizza after it cools down to room temp, place in refrigerator and let pizza cool then pack into freezer bags, sliced or unsliced and freeze and then the CARBS in the bread dough will produce less sugars and be healthier.
Just place in oven or microwave to reheat.
Brother Dan

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Rev 2:17 I give to eat of the hidden manna

Set Free


*(YOU NEED 5 1/2 CUP ASSORTED FLOUR – YOU CAN ADJUST OR CHOOSE THE FLOUR TYPE OR KIND YOU PREFER,  MORE OR LESS,  YOU STILL NEED 5 1/2 CUP FLOUR,  plus you may need 2-3 more cups of flour if you need to firm up the dough and some flour to sprinkle on top of the dough,  while it is resting.)

*1 1/4 cup flour, bread, unbleached or wheat (NEEDED FOR YEAST TO RISE)
and these following flour give longer lasting energy and cut glucose sugar:

*1 cup flour,  QUINOA
*1 cup flour, green banana
*1 cup flour, teff
*1 1/4 cup cornmeal (which is corn flour)
2 1/2 cup water, lukewarm
1/4 oz, 1 silver packet of Red Star quick rising yeast
2 tbsp of olive oil
MIX it all up, and if too tight add liquid and mix, check every 1/2 hour for about 3 times and knead it slightly adding some bread flour to top and bottom.
Cover and leave covered on counter top or empty oven that’s turned off for about 5 hours. After that you can place in refrigerator and leave it there about 1-2 days until you get time to work it. Just take it out to room temperature about 3 hours ahead of time.

[Did you know you can make healthy hamburger buns or cinnamon rolls from this dough? Try different things!]

Pizzeria SuperBowl Block Party ~ Your House

you can tell it's done because it looks like bread.


SOME WILL BE LEFTOVER USE AS catsup substitute OR STEAKSAUCE since fructose in store bought katsup rapidly ages you, this has no fructose.

8oz frozen Blackberries
1/2 cup stevia
1 each 28oz can of crushed tomatoes
1 each 10.75oz tomatoe paste
2 1/2 tbsp flax seed
2 1/2 tbsp chia seed
Mix it in blender and store in refrigerator until needed.



Choose Your Pizza Toppings

Quinoa Pizza

If you making this for a crowd OR SUPERBOWL PARTY then just use sharp cheese and pepperoni (optional), that’s how to please a crowd. If you prefer not to eat meat then use 1/2 tbsp(s) or dallops of PIZZA FRUIT SAUCE instead of pepperoni.  Now each pizza:
1 1/2 cup Sharp Cheddar shredded Cheese
1 1/2 cup Low Moisture Mozzarella shredded Cheese
1 pack pepperoni (optional)
on pictured pizza i have on top of cheese: turnip greens, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, lima beans and the bean sprouts are under the cheese so they do not dry out. Just clean out the refrigerator. Most you can put on a pizza is about 2 cups of vegetables no matter what or how many kinds you have.
Chop everything up and put into refrigerator until ready.


Take dough, (at room temperature) and divide into half spreading with your fingers or wooden spoon unto a olive oiled pizza pan covering the entire surface. You can dip your utensil into a very little water and smooth dough very nicely.
When finished panning up the dough. Let dough alone on pizza pan for about an hour and half and let it PROOF, let yeast rise again.
Next add 10 oz of the pizza sauce that you made to each pizza; BUT, don’t dump it in one spot, kind of spreading it out as you pour the sauce on with wooden spoon or utensil. (too much sauce makes the cheese slide off – so not to much sauce.)
If you have flavor powders or seasoning like onion, garlic, italian, basil, parsley, red chili, turmeric then you can add those before the cheese. If making for crowd, make it as plain as you can.
Sprinkle on your shredded cheese, all around pizza gently, a little at a time.
add vegetables, if any
add pepperoni, if desired
Gently pat down pizza, very gentle baby pats.
You can bake right away or place in bag, (two plastic store bags per pizza pan) and refrigerate and bake the next day. Or bake one now and one tommorrow or bake everything and freeze leftovers, (use plastic store bags to separete slices in freezer bags).

HEAT OVEN 450 degrees

Many ovens are different, where racks are located and whatnot, that’s why you have to check on it every 5 minutes after first 20 minutes to learn your oven.  HEAT OVEN 450 degrees:
Your bottom oven rack should be one position higher than lowest position if possible.
About halfway through baking process i swap bottom pizza and top pizza positions; in other words, I rotate them for even baking.
This multi flour recipe took about 35 minutes in a preheated oven; but, i was interrupting it checking on it.
Some of my other pizza recipes only take 16 – 18 minutes
Take a metal spoon and gently lift bottom of pizza it should be gently and lightly brown.
I use scissors to cut my pizza; BUT, look at crust you can tell it’s done because it looks like bread.
When pizza cools it will stiffen up a bit.

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